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Creating a Better Tomorrow

For the Next Generation

[liv \ əm-ˈpou(-ə)rd] (noun)

An integrative lifestyle model inspiring you to get out there and live life with passion on purpose to create positive change



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 Every purchase of MPWRD Merchandise gives back. 10% of profits support Live MPWRD Coaching Programs, so more youth can get coached to live a more MPWRD life. 10% of profits benefit Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary. The Farm is committed to educating the next generation on how to live and interact with the environment today to create a healthier tomorrow. Join us as we stand MPWRD for people and the planet.

10 + 10 = Positive Change!

We're founded upon helping more people live with:

The essence for sustainable change in our personal life and our environment.

The key to impacting the next generation with a forward-thinking strategy.

Creative and Integrative solutions that bring about a better tomorrow for all.

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