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Mpowered HOMES

So your property can give back.
How Mpowered Real Estate impacts the next generation.


Investing and Property Management Solutions for positive change

What is an Mpowered Home?

This is a house for young adults who have come out of foster care or difficult home situations to transition as they take next steps into adulthood. In an Mpowered environment. An Mpowered Home.

Mpowered Homes utilize real estate investments while providing clean, safe housing for qualifying young adults: individuals who have successfully graduated their at-risk program and are advancing into the professional workforce with the guidance of a life coach. Utilizing our Mpowered environmental practices will increase the value of the property.

How Mpowered Homes Are Funded:

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Why Mpowered Homes?

Impact Youth

Youth who apply to the Mpowered Homes program get to live in the home and adhere to Mpowered protocols.

Impact Environment

Mpowered Homes are committed to improving the planet by providing sustainability solutions for environmental good and positive change.

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