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A way to invest while doing more good


"A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit"

-Ancient Greek Proverb

Our Philosophy

We aim to impact the world for good by providing methods for you to invest with purpose - to create a better tomorrow for the next generation.

In order to create positive change for the next generation and the planet, funding is required. Conscious investing is our Live MPWRD strategy for utilizing your everyday decisions in conjunction with real estate in order to offer valuable services and help fund Live MPWRD Programs.

Choose Your Give-Back:

A portion of your investment benefits People + Planet. This is MPWRD Real Estate.

Every transaction with MPWRD Real Estate gives back. Referral fees and portions of transactions from real estate investments benefit:

1. Live MPWRD Coaching Programs: so more youth can get coaching in order to live a more MPWRD life.
2. MPWRD Homes: to provide housing for at-risk youth while MPWRing them with a green, sustainable living experience.
3. Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary. The non-profit Farm Sanctuary is committed to regenerative agriculture and educating the next generation on how to live and interact sustainably with the environment today to create a healthier tomorrow.

Join us as we stand MPWRD for people and the planet!

We provide solutions for:

  • First-time homebuyers

  • Seasoned investors

  • People in between

Why to Consciously Invest?

When you have finances to invest, we provide a way to make financially sound decisions, while giving back to something that you believe in.

Our Conscious Strategies

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