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When you start your real estate search with the Live MPWRD portal, you are part of the Live MPWRD positive change. Perfect for buyers, sellers, or simply referring a friend who has real estate needs.
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Conscious Investing 

We provide a way for you to financially invest while giving back to something greater. This is a way to make your money work for you while doing good.
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Integrative investments that help fund and invest in the youth of tomorrow and our planet. Strategies are customizable to meet the needs of each investor. 
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National MPWRD Realtor Locator

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  • Receive a FREE 30-minute goal setting/real estate advice consultation to better guide you.
  • Connect with a local realtor who is passionate about the Live MPWRD mission and philosophies of positive change. Scroll to bottom to see MPWRD Realtor Partner Standards.
  • From that referral, once a real estate transaction is completed, 25% of the commission goes to training more youth life coaches and Live MPWRD Homes. Learn More: MPWRD Homes
  • This is an affiliate program like Amazon smiles. No additional charges. Simply maximizing what you are already doing. 
  • Nationwide! Can be utilized by anyone.

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Real Estate Investing is one of the best tools for creating wealth.

Our real estate brokerage, established in 1977, helps people with their traditional real estate needs as well as conscious investing.

MPWRD Real Estate is located in San Diego, CA. Bill Morgan and Andy Blough combine their expertise managing clients' investment portfolios, while living out MPWRD Realtor Character Traits. We are a full service real estate firm committed to helping buyers and sellers with all their real estate needs, from personal residents to traditional investments.

MPWRD Realtor Referral Partner Traits

  • Real Estate experience. Minimum 5 years. 
  • Cares about environment
  • Cares about the next generation
  • Embodies core Live MPWRD Philosophy: Passion, Purpose & Positive Change
  • Local Real Estate Knowledge
  • National Association of Realtors Member
  • Knows how to cater to and unpack client goals
  • Puts the client first
  • Registered with Live MPWRD Associate Program