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Our Story

Live MPWRD's story is rooted in the concept of an integrative lifestyle. 

Our model incorporates coaching, real estate and philanthropy.

Live MPWRD idea that life is interconnected versus just addressing one aspect of life, has the goal of creating a much bigger impact through the integration of multiple areas of life. This is why we begin with focusing on how we live. 

Training up Youth Life Coaches allows us to cast a much larger net to impact the next generation of youth by instilling passion, purpose and communication. 

Real Estate allows us to sponsor life coaching for at-risk youth through our buyer/seller give back program. Our Conscious Investing strategies allow us to work with investors in a better way that impacts the environment in a positive way, while providing a solid investment. In addition, real estate allows us to develop our MPWRD WeWork model benefiting investors, coaches, youth, families, animals and the environment simultaneously.

Philanthropy is our way of life. Live MPWRD works with a variety of nonprofits, example is our house building endeavours where our Marvel Super Hero Daniella got her start. Live MPWRD also is located and highly integrated with our partner nonprofit Fortuna Ranch Farm Sanctuary. One of our founders lives there and helps run the farm sanctuary where the core of it is rescue, education and regenerative farming. The idea is to incorporate the MPWRD We Work space, coaching / coach training and investing into a fully integrated model for living, working and doing more good.

The model was born out of how we live, work and give back.

We don't want others to necessarily implement our exact model. But what we went to do is instill our core principles and teach those so others can create their own model of integrated living. We invite you to come and experience an aspect of what we created and be a part of the MPWRD community and start with one small step toward living an MPWRD life.

Our Founders

Nick Petro, CEO of Live MPWRD and coaching expert. Nick is, passionate about the way we live our lives. Created a lifestyle company, Live MPWRD, that incorporates multiple facets of life by positively impacting the lives of others.