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What Parents Have to Say...

"Nick Petro is a great youth life coach and mentor for my son. I was initially referred to Nick by a close friend of my mine. My son has been meeting with Nick the past few weeks to strengthen his overall positivity, increase confidence and to learn how to balance frustration with learning. I really recommend Nick in any capacity with your child...even if just to talk about life with an unbiased individual."

-Daynan, Parent

The MPWRD program is fast, simple, and, most importantly, actionable. It has a brilliant way of taking challenges and having you break them down into efficient solutions. Within 30 minutes, I no longer felt overwhelmed by the litany of things that had overwhelmed me in the minutes prior. I am grateful to have found this program and I am so incredibly excited for my kiddos to do this in tandem with me. I wish I had had a program like this when I was in Middle School, and I am thrilled to have it now. Live MPWRD is truly a blessing!" - Cindy P, Mother

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Overheard from Professionals...

"Nick Petro is an extraordinarily gifted life coach who has created an effective platform to dramatically improve communication between youth and adults. Nick’s Coaching Program clearly presents all of the techniques necessary to overcome the obstacles that prevent healthy communication. Nick understands the unique needs of parents and youth and provides each with the tools necessary to begin communicating effectively. Nick’s Coaching Program is the launching point for better relationships and I highly recommend him and the services his company offers."

-Donica Dohrenwend, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

“Nick Petro is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who has the ability to capture the hearts and minds of young adults in a way that challenges and inspires them to become who God intended them to become to not settle for less than they are made for.  His message is one in short supply today, and I recommend him strongly for those parishes, youth groups, and schools interested in seeing a positive change in their young people.
-Daniel, Teacher

"Nick is one of those rare finds that from his depth desires to see youth operating in the fullness that God has designed for them. Any person who commits to taking the time through his program will be forever grateful.” 
-Kim, Missions Partner

You will walk away feeling more motivated, successful, empathetic, and ready to give love and receive love. Lots of people talk about changing the world. MPWRD is actually doing it."

- Alex Montoya, Author, speaker, founder A-MOtivational Communications

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"By providing an experience-based, effective coaching curriculum to train more future youth life coaches, Live MPWRD is providing a change that is missing from current leadership for students.

Nick and Live MPWRD are working to empower youth to live life in passion, on purpose, to create positive change through the MPWRD Youth Life Coaches."

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