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Youth Coaching Includes:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Lifestyle Activities
  • Journaling
  • Goal-setting
  • Confidence-building
  • Accountability
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MPWRD Youth Life Coaching

  • We specialize in encouraging youth that want to gain Passion, live on Purpose and improve their overall Communication.
  • We focus on youth's awesome potential for building a solid future.
  • Whether your youth is an overachiever needing balance, a leg up or struggling with school, peer pressure, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or tendencies, sports, grades, relationships or simply lacks motivation we are here to help.
  • Our Live MPWRD program has proven success. We have personally worked with youth that are now part of Marvel's SuperHero project built to showcase youth that are doing good.
  • Work through goal-setting, finding joy, laughter and ultimately helping youth find confidence in who they are, who they are becoming and who they want to become.

Common Youth Struggles

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Thoughts of Suicide
  • Feeling of being all alone
  • Not being good enough, low self-esteem
  • No direction or passion
  • Focusing on what is wrong
  • Focusing in on what they don't have (complaining)
  • Don't like who they are becoming
  • Feel stuck and even overwhelmed
  • Parental pressures or a false standard they can't live up to
  • Social media influences
  • Wanting to get ahead but not sure what else to do
  • Struggling finding voice amidst parents divorce
  • Low motivation
  • No direction in life
  • No goals or vision in life
  • Wanting to be better athlete
  • Grades slipped
  • Navigating through friendships
  • Proper nutrition and exercise habits
  • Family dynamic needing improvement

Our MPWRD Method

  • We have the perfect starter 8-session package, that has PROVEN results!
  • Utilize an integrative model that focuses on personal growth.
  • Sessions either online or in-person which we coined as our Experience-based Coaching is designed to use movement and outdoors environments where lasting change can happen.
  • We do 2 things really well:
    • #1: We earn the right to be heard by...
    • #2: Meeting your youth where they are at in life.
  • Celebrate all wins 
  • Bridge communication gap
  • Guide the youth in building the 7 fundamental pillars.
  • Unfold roadblocks 
  • The focus on  a foundation of confidence 
  • Discover who they are, who they are becoming
  • The next MPWRD Youth Life Coach is waiting to help you and your family.

Positive Outcomes

  • Realize who they are becoming 
  • Quit bad habits like vaping
  • Motivated youth wanted more coaching sessions!
  • Stop stealing, even the littlest of things
  • See gratitude for life rather than complaining
  • Improved treatment of siblings
  • New respect for parents
  • Improve in grades from F's to B's
  • Demonstrate increased empathy toward others
  • Increase in motivation to do the right thing
  • Healthier sphere of influences and relationships
  • Personal responsibility rather than casting blame on others
  • Vision for what their life could look like
  • Much much more!
Get Youth Coaching

Super Hero Story

Live MPWRD youth coaching is embodied in Daniella Benitez, a girl that Nick coached and was the catalyst for her to become a huge part of BAM (Build A Miracle Foundation) and raise funds to build multiple houses in Mexico. So much so Marvel turned her into a real Marvel SuperHero with her own comic character, comic book and TV show on the Disney+ Network under the Hero Project. MPWRD Coaching is about creating superheroes and superhero coaches.

Book: The 7 Pillars That Bridge Communication Between Youth + Parents

Written by Nick Petro

This motivational workbook has been carefully crafted and built upon the 7 pillars to withstand the adversities of life for youth in their teenage years. It is a culmination of teaching and coaching youth for over 20 years resulting in BRIDGES of communication being built along the way. Each pillar comes equipped with motivational quotes, short chapter stories with words of encouragement, applicable exercises, action items and weekly challenges followed by 6 days of weekly gratitude and reflection journal pages.

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