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Our MPWRD coaching method is proven to be effective, purposeful, and enjoyable by youth. 

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Why Parents Are Choosing MPWRD Coaching



"By providing an experience-based, effective coaching curriculum to train more future youth life coaches, Live MPWRD is providing a change that is missing from current leadership for students.

Nick and Live MPWRD are working to empower youth to live life in passion, on purpose, to create positive change through the MPWRD Youth Life Coaches."

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Why Choose MPWRD Youth Life Coaching?

Why Do Youth Need Coaching?

Common Youth Struggles

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Thoughts of Suicide
  • Feeling of being all alone
  • Not being good enough, low self-esteem
  • No direction or passion
  • Focusing on what is wrong
  • Focusing in on what they don't have (complaining)
  • Don't like who they are becoming
  • Feel stuck and even overwhelmed
  • Social media influences
  • Struggling finding voice amidst parents divorce
  • No goals or vision in life
  • Wanting to be a better athlete
  • Grades slipping
  • Navigating through friendships
  • Proper nutrition and exercise habits
  • Family dynamic needing improvement

Positive Outcomes

  • Realize who they are becoming 
  • Quit bad habits like vaping
  • Motivated youth wanted more coaching sessions!
  • Stop stealing, even the littlest of things
  • See gratitude for life rather than complaining
  • Improved treatment of siblings
  • New respect for parents
  • Improve in grades from F's to B's
  • Demonstrate increased empathy toward others
  • Increase in motivation to do the right thing
  • Healthier sphere of influences and relationships
  • Personal responsibility rather than casting blame on others
  • Vision for what their life could look like
  • Much much more!

MPWRD Method

  • 8 Session Package
  • Proven Results
  • In-person or online options!
  • Experience-based: We focus on getting your youth out doing things that give them life!
  • Journaling, Sports, Artwork
  • Progress Report Tracker: completed by both youth + coach
  • Focus on a foundation of confidence

We earn the right to be heard by meeting youth where they're at.

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Overheard from Professionals...

"Nick Petro is an extraordinarily gifted life coach who has created an effective platform to dramatically improve communication between youth and adults. Nick’s Coaching Program clearly presents all of the techniques necessary to overcome the obstacles that prevent healthy communication. Nick understands the unique needs of parents and youth and provides each with the tools necessary to begin communicating effectively. Nick’s Coaching Program is the launching point for better relationships and I highly recommend him and the services his company offers."

-Donica Dohrenwend, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

"Nick Petro is a great YOUTH LIFE COACH and mentor for my son. I was initially referred to Nick Petro by a close friend of my mine. My son has been meeting with Nick the past few weeks to strengthen his overall positivity, increase confidence and to learn how to balance frustration with learning. His 7 Pillars for coaching are B.R.I.D.G.E.S (Balance, Respect, Integrity, Discovery, Gratitude, Empathy & Self-Esteem). I really recommend Nick in any capacity with your child...even if just to talk about Life with an unbiased individual."

-Daynan, Parent

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